concrete Grinding & polishing

Any time your floors need attention, Farrell Concrete can help.  Trust the concrete firm that lives and breathes polished concrete floors.

Most of Farrell Concrete’s work is in concrete grinding and polishing but the team are also experts at remedial work, fixing things that have gone wrong or preparing surfaces for further renovation.

We provide all exposures from Salt & Pepper to heavy grinds.

grind and seal

Polished concrete is our specialty

grind and polish

No two floors ever turn out the same which is the beauty of this finish.

cream polish

We do grout, glue and vinyl removal

prep work

Polished Concrete
and Concrete Grinding

Grind & Seal

Farrell Concrete provides all exposures, from salt-and-pepper to heavy grinds. The exposure refers to the amount of aggregate that is visible in the concrete mix after grinding, and gives you the ultimate look of the finish. The team uses high-quality sealers that are made for New Zealand conditions.

Grind & Polish

If you want to give your floor a new lease of life, or there’s a problem that needs fixing, Farrell Concrete can help. The team love grinding, honing, polishing and protecting new or existing floors.

Concrete Grind and Polish

Cream Polish

Cream polishing is a cost-effective way of giving an existing floor a dramatic makeover. Farrell Concrete can take an existing surface, hone it, densify it and polish it to the desired finish. No two finished floors are ever exactly the same.

Prep Work

Want a new look that’s not concrete? Farrell Concrete will get rid of grout, glue and vinyl and prepare your floor for the installation of a new surface.

Concrete Cream Polish

We are Northland based applicators for StoClear coatings for concrete construction. Visit to learn more.

Bush Hammer Textured Concrete

Used to prep concrete for coatings or for a decorative finish Farrell Concrete is the only provider of Bush Hammer textured concrete north of Auckland.

Typical use for non slip or texture in:

  • Packhouses
  • Cowshed
  • Cattle yards
  • Horse Yards
  • Boat ramps

Remedial work for:

  • Rain damaged slabs
  • Delaminated slabs
  • Tile adhesive removal

Decorative for:

  • Pool areas
  • Ramps
  • Patios
  • Stairs
  • Block walls
  • Pavers
  • Walkways
Concrete Bush Hammer Texture
Concrete Bush Hammer Finish
Outdoor Bush Hammer Texture
Bush Hammer Texture Wall

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