Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing is the latest in flooring that takes concrete floors and transforms them into a beautiful, durable and economical floor.  Polished concrete is a grinding process that uses industrial diamonds and impregnating hardeners to level and polish an existing concrete slab. 

Polished Concrete is becoming one of the fastest growing flooring options for retail, industrial and residential buildings in the country.  Its popularity in retail showrooms, industrial plants and educational facilities has made it one of the industries most talked about flooring options.

Benefits of using Polished Concrete

1.  Elimination of dusting from efflorescence.  With concrete there are tiny particles of dust that are pushed to the surface by upward force call efflorescence.  This force often causes epoxies and other coatings to peel off.

2. Stain-Resistant - By densifying and hardening the surface, polished concrete takes a porous concrete floor and turns it into a dense surface that will repel water and oil and prevent them from penetrating the surface.

3. Improved Lighting - Polishing concrete will increase the reflectivity of the floor and increase the ambient lighting.

4.  Increased Slip Resistance – Even though polished concrete has a shiny appearance the floor is not slippery.  By grinding and flattening the floor the coefficient of friction will increase.

5. Lower Costs – Because of the ease of cleaning polished concrete, the costs of maintain the floor will be lower.  

6.  Environmentally Friendly – Polished concrete helps any project become a green project.  Polished concrete is a environmentally friendly product.  It uses the existing concrete surface, which eliminates the need for additional coatings and coverings and the need to manufacture them.  Any coverings put onto a floor will someday end up in a landfill when their lifetime is spent.

7. No more Stripping or waxing -   Polished concrete does not require a finish to be applied to it, thus there is no need to strip and refinish it in the future.

8.  Beauty – The look of a polished concrete floor is amazing.  It is often compared to marble, granite or terrazzo flooring.

9. Longevity – When it comes to beauty and long-lasting there is no comparison to polished concrete.  After many years, when refurbishing might be necessary, it can be done at a fraction of the cost of any other floor system.


We polish existing and new concrete floors using our state of the art equipment and knowledge.

We also recommend how to finish concrete slabs before you pour to ensure that you can achieve the type of finish you require.

We work for architects and premium house builders and produce exquisite finishes that meet and exceed our client requirements.

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